Dec 09 2019

Diatron, 30 years of Excellence and counting!

2019 was a successful year for Diatron increasing sales numbers and good progress in product development and beside our achievements we celebrated our 30th birthday this year. The history of the company has started long time ago and lots of thing has changed during this period. We became  one of the top 5 global hematology analyzer manufacturers in the world, while our product portfolio and the numbers of our employees and partners were continously increasing.


Milestones of Diatron:

1989 – Diatron was founded by 3 colleagues, that time the company had only5 employee - today 300 people are working for the company

Development of 4-channel coagulometer, and Hemotest (HGB meter)

1992 - the first semi-automatic cell counters – currently our portolio has 11 analyzers and  associated reagents

Development of Abacus hematology analyzer

2002 – Introduction of Abacus Junior (30 tests/hour, 3-part diff human analyzer)

2004 - Facility moved to bigger space

2007 – Abacus 3, Abacus Junior Vet 5

          Pictus 400 - we extended our portfolio with the Clinical  Chemistry

2008 – Pictus 200 and Pictus 700

2009 – Abacus 5

2010 – Introduction of ACS analyzer family – Abacus Junior 30 and Abacus 380

2011 – Abacus 3CP/3CT

2012 - US Office has been opened and we moved to new facility in Budapest and began production of Clinical Chemistry analyzers

New version of Abacus 3CP and Abacus 3CT

2015 – P500

2016 - Acquisition by STRATEC SE

2017 – Diatron Aquila

          Added STRATEC ELISA and CLIA Instrumentation to portfolio (Gemini,KleeYa)

2018 – Clinical Chemistry R&Đ was moved to Hungarian Facility

Cooming soon!  – Aquila 5Dretic new 5-part diff hematology analyzer and P780 new clinical chemistry analyzer


We are proud of the last 30 years which we could not have completed successfully without our very effective employees and our loyal long term partnerships. We would like to say thank you to our partners of their assistance. The evolution of Diatron is on the great way and we are excited to see what the future brings for us. Diatron is now a proud subsidiary of STRATEC SE which celebrated 40th birthday this year.

Diatron, 30 years of Excellence and counting!