Mar 02 2020

Diatron Aquila patent for sampling procedure

An important aspect in the development of the Diatron Aquila was to find creative solutions to the many challenges that arise when developing a new system,  so we put great emphasis on looking for innovation and created a unique sampling process and a new on-board reagent pack. Diatron's R & D team pooled resources and got their ’creative juices’ flowing to produce a more accurate and reliable analyzer. The sampling method employed in the Aquila combines the use of a shear valve and the „splitting” of the sample over the entrance of the sampling loop. The aim of this was to maintain the accuracy of the shear valve when taking a small sample volume with both open and closed capped sample vials. The shear valve allows to reduce the sample volume by approximately 81% and the reagent consumption by 71% comparing to regular 3-part diff analyzers.

As a result of the efforts, we are very proud to announce that a patent for the unique sampling procedure on the Diatron Aquila analyzer was granted and registered with the European Patent Office. Accordingly, other companies cannot manufacture or market analyzers with this sampling procedure as Diatron owns all rights to this patent.

The official name of the patent is the following:


Congratulations to the colleagues in the R & D team involved:

Barna Reskó
Katalin Kizman
Balázs Vágány
Dániel Isztli